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Hidden Strike (2023) Movie

Today we are going to tell you how you can watch the Movie of   for free. you are going to read   Best Movie about Hidden Strike (2023), you will read about it, its storyline and its full casting directors, and all the detils.

Hidden Strike (2023) Full Movie

Hidden Strike (2023) Movie Online Watch 720p 1080p Reviews, Free Watch,  Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Release Date, and More

Hidden Strike (2023) Movie About

Hidden Strike (2023) is an American Comedy Action, Adventure Movie Released on 28 July 2023 on the Streaming Platform. Scott Waugh is always known for its Comedy Movie. Scott Waugh has launched the poster of its new Movie. Movie Name is  Hidden Strike (2023).
If you are fond of watching Comedy Action, Adventure Movie, then this Movie is going to be very special for you. You are going to see many Action, Adventure scenes in this Movie. You will be happy to see Now talking about the cast, you will get to see very beautiful actresses in this.
Dram Girl 2 Movie Directed and Movie by Scott Waugh. It stars John Cena, Jackie Chan, Pilou Asbæk, Zhenwei Wang, Rachael Holoway, Minghao Hou, Max Huang, Amadeus Serafini, Jun Gong, Li Ma, Rima Zeidan and Tim Man in the lead roles.

The official release of this Movie is going to be released on 28 July  2023. Announcement of this Movie has created panic on YouTube, people are very much liking the trailer of this Movie.
Hidden Strike (2023) Movie By watching this Movie your time and money will be recovered. The movie will be packed with amazing performances by all the actors. By which your money will be recovered.
You all know that this new generation mostly like to watch movies whether it is Comedy or Action, Adventure but people like it.
People love to watch it. Because they love watching it more than movies, but as we know people will never stop watching Bollywood movies because their favorite celebrities are there in those movies.
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Hidden Strike (2023) Movie Storyline

The story of the film will be an action comedy based on two strong agents who team up on a mission to rescue oil workers when a Chinese-run oil refinery in Iraq’s Mosul comes under attack. A Chinese private security contractor is called in. However, he learns that the attackers’ real plan is to steal a large amount of oil, and teams up with a former US Marine to stop them. Now in this movie you will see how both the agents together save everyone’s life. everyone did a good job

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Hidden Strike (2023) Movie All Cast Real Name

Jiang Wenli Jiang Wenli
Li Ma Li Ma
Nadine Leon Gobet Nadine Leon Gobet
Rachael Holoway Rachael Holoway
Rima Zeidana Rima Zeidana
John Cena John Cena
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan
Gong Jun Gong Jun
Amadeus Serafini Amadeus Serafini
Pilou Asbæk Pilou Asbæk

Hidden Strike (2023) Movie Details

Director Scott Waugh
Music Nathan Furst
Tony Cheung
Writer Arash Amel
OTT Platform NA
Producer Hans Canosa
Esmond Ren
Production Changchun Film Studio
Flame Pictures Company
Release Date 28 July 2023
Genre Comedy, Action, Adventure

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