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Most Important Life Changing Factors (2021)

Hello friends, we welcome you to our blog Boitapic Learning with Earning. Friends, Today we will tell you about eight factors that change your life.

8 factors that will change your life are as follows:-

1. Continuous Uplifting Thoughts
2. 5 Morning Rituals
3. Daily routine
4. Insane Productivity
5. Leadership
6. Personality Upgradation
7. wealth creation
8. Relationship Mastery

Friends, these are all eight sectors, if you follow them, then all the problems in your life will go away. Let us now tell you about all these 8 factors in detail.

Most Important Factors in Our Life

1. Continuous Uplifting Thoughts

The name of the first factor is Continuous Uplifting Thoughts. In this, we read that how we can control our thoughts.

Friends, let me tell you that we become what we think. When I first saw the movie Law of Attraction, I understood that our lives are the result of our thinking. Friends, whatever we think, our life goes on like that.

That is why everyone should control their thoughts, whatever we think is always positive thinking, see good things, hear good things, come towards negativity anytime. How to get such thoughts in our mind that we move continuously towards success,

That’s why after doing a lot of research and Then I came to know about this principle which I call Continuous Uplifting Thoughts. I want to give you such a mindset that such thoughts come into your mind which will continuously take you towards success.

To be successful, you must constantly have positive thoughts in your mind, such thoughts should come in your mind that will take you up and motivate you to move forward.

Friends, this was the first sector in which you are going to learn all that how you can control your thoughts. So we will tell you a little information about the other factory.

2. 5 Morning Rituals

This second factor is also the most important for your life, by following this, your morning time is the best time of the whole day.

We all must have observed that if our morning starts well then the whole day becomes good too. If you make good use of your morning and start doing such things which almost all successful people do.

Then it will not take time to change your life. Your life will also start running like those successful people. You too will fall into their category and when you fall into their category, you will become like them.

So the rituals about which I am going to tell you, if you start doing it, then with these five things you can change your life.

In this sector, I will tell you how to use the time between 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning. We will tell you a little bit about all these factors here, we will give you complete information in different posts. So we will tell you about the third factor.

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3. Daily routine

This is the third factor that will try to convince you about the daily routine. A wise person said that if you want to know the secret of success of any successful person, then you should follow his daily routine because what he is doing daily is the secret of his success.

So in this sector, we will learn that how to make our daily routine. The daily routine doesn’t mean here that you have to get up every morning and then go for it. Then you have to go to your job and go to sleep in the evening.

By daily routine here I mean routine of success. So here we are talking about fixing our habits, how we adopt good habits by removing bad habits from inside us. We will try our best to explain all these things to you in this factor. So now we will know about the fourth factor

4. Insane Productivity

In the Inspector, we will know that whenever we do any work, we feel that we have done this work, but we have not got the result as much as we should have got in this work.

As we work the whole month and at the end of the month we feel that we did not earn as much money as we worked.

As a student thinks we study whole year and when our marks come then we are not satisfied with it.

If we think like a businessman then as many sales as we wanted and till the end of the month we didn’t get that much.

We do a lot of work but the result is very little, Thats why I will tell you a formula by which you will be able to bring more results by doing less work.

Friends, if you think that you need to do more work to bring more results then you are wrong. Many people in the world bring a lot of results by doing very little work.

If you think that you can not earn more money by doing less work then you see successful people that they earn a lot by doing very little work.

You have probably heard of Richard Branson. This is a person who handles more than 400 companies but does less work than us and me.

And he does his favorite work the most. And he also gives maximum time to his family. And even after all this, he is the most successful.

There are some secrets to his success that tell us how to do more weird in less time, which we will also learn about.

In its official post, we are going to talk about this topic in detail. We are telling you little details about all the factors, a separate post will come about them properly. Now we will know about the next factor.

5. Leadership

Friends, this sector is not only the most important of all the factors, but the most important skill of this century is leadership skills.

In today’s time, you can talk about anything, whether it is politics or corporate, leaders are needed everywhere. When someone recruits someone in their company, then let’s see if it will be able to lead people in the future?

Does it have the quality that it will be able to teach people? Will this boss become this leader in the coming times? Because we don’t want people who just give instructions.

Rather, such people are needed who become an example for others. Who take people along and help them reach the heights of success. And in this factor, we will know about this in its official post. Now we will learn about the Sixth Factor.

6. Personality Upgradation

This is the sixth factor, in which you try to give information about your personality, in this, you will know. Here we are talking about personality up-gradation and not development.

Friends, many times it happens to us that when we meet someone for the first time, then we get attracted towards them as soon as we meet them.

There is such a personality in him that people come towards him and in this factor, he will learn that how we can become like that which we will tell you completely in a separate post. Now we will learn about the Seventh Factor.

7. Wealth creation

This is a factor that everyone wants to work on. Many people are curious that how they can earn as much money as possible. Friends, if I ask you how can I become an engineer, then you will simply say that you will have to study engineering.

Similarly, if you want to become rich, then you have to study this factor of wealth creation well from above. I want to bring a revolution to financial education.

Apply what we learn on wealth creation, Friends, I do not want that people in India and other countries keep the same mindset that their education system has given them or is giving them, but think outside of them, only then you can become a successful person.

The education system of this world needs a revolution because it doesn’t teach you about financial education. Nor are you taught about wealth creation and that is what we need the most.

Because after studies or rather basic education, this is what we all need the most. Whenever we leave school or college after completing our studies, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to earn money.

By the way, there are many ways to earn money, which our society also teaches us. But where does this society get its methods? For years, or rather, for centuries, we have had a tradition of working here and not giving work.

People think that they should just get a good job but do not think that by doing it they can do their work and earn money. We are taught not to be leaders in society but to be followers.

So this cycle society has made and we are following, we have to come out of this and show ourselves by doing something.

We have to be a leader and not a follower and if I say more precisely, we have to be financially free.

Because as long as a person is engaged in living everyday life and earning money by doing the job, he is not going to understand the meaning of real life. In this factor, we will learn that how do we become rich. Now we will know about the last factor.

8. Relationship Mastery

This is the last factor out of 8 factors now our aim here is to master the relationship. As human beings, we are always among people and emotionally attached to them and if someone tells us something, we keep thinking about that whole day.

Sometimes it happens that if our relationship with a particular person gets spoiled then 1 day 1 month 1 year or many years gets spoiled and we are not able to do anything in our life.

So I want you to master this field that no matter what anyone says, you do not mind and you have not thought anything about it, which will not harm you and Taking someone’s words to heart and thinking about it, the biggest loss is your own, nothing happens to that particular person about whom you keep thinking.

First of all, you must understand that with whomever you are in a relationship, then how to tackle them. How to make new friends wherever you go. People should be so impressed with your personality that they extend a hand of friendship towards you. Be it your relation or professional relation, it should be good and we will get into this factor about them.

As soon as you understand all these factors well then you will reach your goals easily, your goal is the best life. That means to make your life the best. So this is what we will learn in this entire blog and I hope that after reading the entire blog you will be able to become who you want to be.
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