Places to visit in noida

Places to visit in Noida

So friends, today’s topic is going to be a place to visit in Noida because many people do not know which is the best place in Noida to visit, so today I will tell you which place you can go to visit if you new to Noida
Or you are a resident of Noida and you do not even know which are the places to visit in Noida, so today I will tell you which places you can roam in Noida.

Which are the places to visit in Noida?

Many people are in Noida and some people want to come to Noida, but before that those people should know about Noida, before that you should have complete information about Noida, if you want complete information about Noida then you can join our Youtube channel. so today I will tell you which is the best place where you can visit


This is such a mall, the biggest mall of Noida whose name is (GIP) it means Great India Place. This is a very big mall. In this mall you will see big shops like – Hp, Dell, Iphone, means all the branded clothes or how many You use expensive goods, you will find everyone’s shop, there is a lot of crowd in this mall and this mall is well decorated in different types of festivals because this mall is the biggest mall of Noida, you can come to it. with family or alone

2. Iskon Temple

All of you must know about this temple that ISKCON is a very famous temple which has branches all over the world, if you come to Noida, you can come here, you will find this temple in Noida Sector 33. The special thing is that in the morning in the temple
Worship of Lord Krishna starts here from 3 o’clock and you must come here, your mind will be calm by coming here and you can also do meditation after coming here.

3.D Park

D Park This is a very big park which is in Sector 62, here you can come with your family, this is a very big park, here you will find different types of swings and you will get to see the natural thing and here the guard’s Facility is also in this park
There is no charge, you can come here for free, so if you are also planning, then you must come here once.

4. Logix Mall

This is also a mall in Noida, which is located in a very beautiful place (Near City Center). It is very good if you come here once then you will know
Looks like this is a nice mall

5. Sai Baba Temple

This is a very famous temple of Noida, you can come here, here you will get to see the park and this temple is of Sai Baba which is in Sector-40 and a temple is in Sector-60 but you have to come to Sector 40. There you will get to see the park and you will get the car easily. Because this temple is at some distance after landing on the road.

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Today I told you in this post, which is the place of Ghumne in Noida, there are other places as well but I told you the best place, if you want to know more, then comment below, you will get it through reply, here you are connected to Noida. Information and technology give information related to business, hope you like this post of ours, then stay tuned on our website and enjoy

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