Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now

Which are the Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now?

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Friends, we welcome you to our new article. Today we are going to tell you what the top 20 best Christmas shows to stream right now in this year’s Christmas are. Today we are going to tell you about it in detail, so friends, get ready to watch the Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now to learn about it. Today we are going to tell you about all those web series that have been released on 7 OTT platforms, so ready, new information.

The Top 20 Best Christmas Shows to Stream Right Now?

‘Tis TV marathon season, folks! Forget just about movies. There are a whole bunch of Christmas TV shows and episodes that are must-sees. And no, we’re not pulling your leg—this is as real as a snowflake in December! If you need proof, take a look at Digital Trends’ ultimate list of Christmas movies to stream. It’s like a treasure map to look at for long hours during your vacation. So, grab your hot cocoa, relax, and let the festive TV fun begin. Who needs mistletoe when you have a remote control in your hands?🎄🌸

Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now

Don’t expect to be singing Mariah Carey near a tree or twinkling lights here, folks—we’re diving into a different kind of holiday list. Imagine classic TV specials that take you down memory lane or modern shows featuring vibrant people like Hannah Waddingham. We’re talking streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, with even old-school PBS making appearances. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now. These 20 Christmas shows are the real deal, and if you’re not watching them, you’re missing out on some seriously festive vibes. It’s like a virtual sleigh ride for your entertainment!

Apple TV+

Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on Apple TV+, which has been liked a lot by the audience.

Hannah Waddingham: Home For Christmas (2023)

Do you know how Christmas specials used to be back in the day? Well, Apple TV+ decided to change things up this holiday season. Now, most people recognize Hannah Waddingham as Ted Lasso’s amazing Rebecca Welton, but did you know she’s also a singing sensation? Yes, he started with theater and sang tunes at Eurovision; he has pipes. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

In “Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas,” she’s not just decorating the halls; she is singing and dancing at the London Coliseum. What else? He has some Ted Lasso friends with him: Phil Dunster and Juno Temple. Oh, and throw in Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton and Luke Evans for good measure. It’s like a Christmas talent fest!

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Step aside, Great Pumpkin—it’s time for a Glorious Peanut Christmas! So, when our friend Charlie Brown starts feeling a little down during the ho-ho-ho season, he comes up with a brilliant plan. He decides to direct a holiday play with all the other kids. Now, you would think it’s all jingle bells and cheers, right? Well, not so fast—this is Charlie Brown we’re talking about. Things don’t go as smoothly as wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

But hold on to your Santa hat, because this animated classic is no fairytale. It is a heartwarming story of friends gathering together and discovering the true joy of Christmas. Trust me, you will see them ice skating, doing some funky dance moves, and trying to decorate Charlie Brown’s little tree. Oh, and the music? It’s like the holiday spirit in stereo.

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Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on Netflix that has been liked a lot by the audience.

Dash & Lily (2020)

Imagine this, friends: a love story, a Christmas atmosphere and the bustling streets of New York City—that’s Dash & Lily for you. Two teenagers, a magazine, and a lot of city to cover. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

Dash & Lily

And get this, this isn’t some magical movie backdrop; they actually shot it in the Big Apple. So, it’s like a glimpse of what’s going on in New York during the holidays, and trust me, it has its own romance going on. With its lovable main characters and some witty writing, Dash & Lily is basically the holiday romance you never thought you needed. Prepare to be captivated, and maybe take notes for your love story!💑🎄

Merry Happy Whatever (2019)

Imagine a sitcom that’s all about family during the holidays—that’s Merry, Happy, Whatever for you. It’s like a peek into what it’s really like when the whole gang gathers for festive fun. Now, we all love a break, but being around family? Well, that’s a whole different ballgame, and let’s be real, it can be a bit stressful.

But here’s the twist: Merry Happy Whatever is like a warm hug for the holiday spirit. It gets why family, despite the chaos, is the real MVP of the season. So, even when they drive you a bit nuts, remember, it’s all worth it in the end. Think of it as a holiday rollercoaster with a side of cozy chaos!🎢🎄

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (2018-)

Wait, guys, what’s that amazing smell? It’s not just about gifts during the holidays—baking takes center stage too! Enter the Great British Baking Show, your favorite guide to a sleigh full of festive treats. It’s like the show’s regular season, but with the magic of the holidays. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now. 

The Great British Baking Show Holidays

If you’re into wintry vibes and pure joy and need some inspiration for your next baking celebration, these holiday specials are the golden ticket for you. Prepare to cook up a storm and possibly eat your weight in cookies!🍪🌸

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday (2023)

Friends, you meet the bad guys—not your average holiday carol singers, but a group of notorious robbery experts from the children’s book to the animated movie. We’re talking Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Shark, and Mr. Piranha. These guys hit the big screen, grossing a cool $250 million worldwide, and now they’re back for more mischief in The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday TV Special. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

The Bad Guys

But wait, this time it’s Christmas fun! Picture this: The bad guys are planning to steal Christmas morning quietly, right? Yet, things take a strange turn when an accident at the holiday parade causes a balloon to burst, and Christmas goes haywire. So, instead of stealing, these bad guys decide to save the day by spreading some holiday cheer. Who knew that criminals could not only take but also give?🎄🦈

Home for Christmas (2019-2020)

Netflix’s debut Norwegian series, Home for Christmas, is all about Johanne, a single woman on a mission to snag a boyfriend for the holidays. Picture this: Johanne’s a 30-year-old nurse feeling the heat from society to find a “settling down” partner. Now, at her family’s Advent dinner, she caves under their constant nagging and blurts out that she’s got a boyfriend. Oh, but the plot thickens—she declares he’s joining them for Christmas dinner. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

Home for Christmas

Now, with less than a month to go, Johanne’s on a boyfriend hunt. She’s checking out young pros, old fellas, and, yep, even the ladies. It’s like the ultimate dating marathon—holiday edition! But here’s the twist: It turns out that the person who’s head over heels for her was right there all along.🌟❤️

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Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on Peacock that has been liked a lot by the audience.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

Well, guys, buckle up, because if you know the Grinch, you probably met him through this classic TV special. (And yes, it’s a TV show and a movie—double trouble!)* So, there’s this green, furry Grinch guy in Whoville, right? He’s not too thrilled with the holiday cheer, so what does he do? Param decides to become the ultimate gift snatcher and steals everything—gifts, decorations, you name it. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

Now, this isn’t your typical children’s story, but it has a twist that will make you rethink Christmas. Plus, with Thurl Ravenscroft performing that catchy theme song, this Dr. Seuss classic turned the Grinch into a Christmas legend. Move over, Santa—there’s a new holiday icon in town!🎅🎄

Moroccan Christmas, The Office (2008)

No Christmas TV list is complete without an episode of The Office, and to be honest, Moroccan Christmas is kind of the holiday MVP. So, in the usual chaos of Dunder Mifflin’s Christmas shindig, things go a little awry. Imagine this: Meredith gets a little too festive and sets her hair on fire. Yep, you read that right. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

Moroccan Christmas, The Office (2008)

Now, Michael, in his “unique” way, decides it’s time for an intervention. It’s a mix of sweet and hilarious as he tries to help Meredith, especially when he drags her into rehab. And wait, Phyllis gets her chance too—she puts Angela in her place as head of the party planning committee. *It’s like the office threw a holiday party, and everyone was invited to this weird celebration!* 🔥🔥


Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on Hulu that has been liked a lot by the audience.

So-Called Angels, My So-Called Life (1994)

Okay, friends, let’s talk about a Christmas gem that often flies under the radar: the 15th episode of My So-Called Life, “So-Called Angels.” Now, the show usually focuses on Angela Chase, but this time, the spotlight is on her friend Ricky. And believe me, it starts with a scene straight from the play—Ricky spitting blood on the snowy road—which is completely ignored.

So-Called Angels, My So-Called Life (1994)

Here’s the twist: Ricky, who is gay, gets kicked out of the house and faces homelessness during the holiday discussion. Yeah, this isn’t your typical Jingle Bell scenario. But wait, it’s not all gloom and doom. There’s a clever nod to It’s a Wonderful Life with a guardian angel played by singer Julianna Hatfield. And the finale? It hits just the right notes, showing what the holidays are really about without being too sugary. It’s like a Christmas episode with a heart-wrenching side!🎄💔

The Golden Girls (1986)

The Golden Girls (1986)

Friends, for a quick dose of holiday humor, hang out with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia from The Golden Girls. Seriously, watching these ladies is like a cozy comedic embrace, and ‘Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas is a prime example of their humor. So, they decided to go DIY with gifts, keeping the chaos at bay. Rose gives Dorothy a “wooden turkey head brooch” (or so she thinks), and Blanche? Well, she gifts a charming calendar called “The Men of Blanche Boudoir. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.

Now, add in Blanche’s suspicious attraction to Santa, a gun-wielding St. Nick, a Howard the Duck fan on the sidelines, and an empty dinner that’s real Christmas magic. It’s like a sitcom holiday party with golden girl shenanigans!🎁🤣

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(HBO) Max

Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on HBO Max that has been liked a lot by the audience.

The Big Bang Theory (2008)

So, picture this: Jim Parsons, the genius behind Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, received his first Emmy nod for the Season 2 gem, “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis.” Now, it’s already legendary, trust me. Here’s the scoop: Penny gave a gift to super-organized scientist Sheldon, and guess what? This sends her into a gift-buying frenzy to keep things balanced.

The Big Bang Theory (2008)

Now, Sheldon, being Sheldon, goes out with several gift baskets for Penny. Why? Because he discovers that the gift given to him is a signed autograph of Leonard Nimoy. *Talk about a nerd jackpot!* Master of physical comedy Jim Parsons nails the scene, especially when Sheldon sees that autograph. It’s like that moment when The Big Bang Theory said, “Yes, Sheldon is our guy.”

Holiday Baking Championship (2014-)

Well, friends, if you love bake-offs but think they require a little stress, then the Holiday Baking Championship is for you. Sure, the prize is a modest $25,000, but it’s like the Olympics of holiday gifts, and people can’t get enough. Why? Because you are amazed to see those fancy sweets that look like they just stepped out of a sweet dream.

Now, brace yourself—disasters are on the menu, but the show is more like a high-five for the bakers’ skills. Think of it as a baking marathon where the oven is the finish line! Even though they face crazy deadlines, these bakers still manage to spark some magic in the kitchen. Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.


Now we are going to tell you about the best web series on Disney+ that has been liked a lot by the audience.

Hawkeye (2021)

Okay guys, get this: Hawkeye, our non-super-powered Avenger, is enjoying a holiday adventure. As Christmas approaches, he teams up with Kate Bishop to take on some of the bad guys in New York.


Now, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate? *Perfect!* And Jeremy Renner, as the bow-wielding Hawkeye, shows us that he’s not only good at hitting bullseyes; he’s also a pretty good actor when the right stuff happens. I mean, the guy’s been through Avengers levels of drama, but what makes the show tick is that it mixes heavy stuff with a heavy dose of silly entertainment. It’s like superhero therapy with tinsel on top!🏹🎄

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy crew bid us farewell in Vol. 3, the brains behind the madness, James Gunn, gave us a little snack: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. It’s like a 42-minute comic book feast, and trust me, it’s a hoot.Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now.The Guardians of the Galaxy

The parents, now residents of Knowhere, are preparing for Christmas after purchasing a joint from a collector. Yes, they own festive space condos. Kraglin reveals a sad Christmas story about Peter Quill, and Drax and Mantis decide to make it right with the ultimate gift. Now, knowing Peter’s love of 80s pop culture, they head to LA to kidnap Kevin Bacon, playing a version of himself. *Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like hijacked bacon!* 🥓🎅

Marge Be Not Proud, The Simpsons (1995)

The Simpsons (1995)

Choosing just one Simpsons Christmas episode is like picking a favorite snowflake, but if we had to, this one takes the cake. Classic Simpsons move: Bart, the festive saboteur, messes up holiday plans. This time, he goes big and gets caught shoplifting a video game. And oh boy, Marge isn’t just mad; she’s “disappointed” mad. Like, “I’m not angry, just disappointed,” mom-level mad.

Now, here’s the twist: Bart’s desperate for his mom’s love, but Marge is giving him the cold shoulder. So, he tries to find it elsewhere, like from Milhouse’s mom. *Talk about a festive family drama!* And the climax? Bart has to pretend he loves Marge’s not-so-great Christmas gift, or their reconciliation plan goes down the chimney.🎁😬

The Great Christmas Light Fight (2013-present)

Okay, guys, now on to the next series. We’ve all seen a lit house or two, but The Great Christmas Light Fight takes it up a notch. It’s like the Olympics of Christmas decorating. Picture this: four families battling it out to see who has the brightest and happiest showdown in town.

The Great Christmas Light Fight

They are judged based on design, Christmas spirit and, of course, the “lights, camera, action” of the lights. It’s like Santa’s Workshop meets Hollywood. Creativity? Oh man, it’s like the North Pole spilled out onto their front lawn. What else? The winning family will receive $50,000. *Talk about decking the halls with cash!* 🎄💡

The Santa Clauses (2022–present)

Flashback to 1994, when Tim Allen donned the iconic red suit to be Santa in The Santa Clause. Now, fast forward nearly 30 years, and Scott (that’s Santa’s real name) is still playing Santa. But here’s a twist: Santa Claus has retirement knocking on the door of Santa’s workshop.

The Santa Clauses

Yes, Scott, now in his mid-60s, is feeling the Christmas magic wearing off, and he’s thinking, “Maybe it’s time for a normal life.” I mean, Santa needs a vacation too, right? But, uh-oh, Scott just can’t bail on Christmas duties. So, along with his elf squad, he’s on a mission to find a new Santa, because, let’s face it, Christmas can’t wait. *It’s like searching for a job at the North Pole with a sprinkle of magic!* 🎅🎅


So friends, today I have given you complete information about the top 20 best Christmas shows that are being streamed to watch this Christmas, Top 20 Best Christmas shows to stream right now, in which we have given you information about the TV shows of all the famous OTT platforms, which are Netflix, Peacock, Disney+, Hulu, (HBO) Max, Apple TV+, and PBS, all of which are included. Which has been liked very much by the audience? If you have seen all these TV shows, then you can give us your reaction by commenting and telling us how you liked all these TV shows. So, friends, today’s article ends here. If you liked our article, then you can share it with your friends.


Q.1: Which Christmas shows are the best?

It depends on your personal interests, but some popular options include:

Dash & Lily (Netflix): This is a cute and romantic show that revolves around a Christmas-themed note exchange between two kids.
The Santa Clauses (Disney+): This is a fun and family-oriented show about a man who is suddenly forced to become Santa.
The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (Netflix): This is a special edition of the popular cooking show that focuses on Christmas-themed recipes.

Q.2: Where can you watch this show?

Most of these shows are available on various streaming services, including:
Amazon Prime Video

Q.3: What age group are these shows suitable for?

This varies depending on the show. Some shows, such as “Dash & Lily” and “The Santa Clauses,” are suitable for all ages, while others, such as “Home for the Holidays” and “The Christmas Chronicles,” are more suitable for adult audiences.

Q.4: How do I watch these shows?

These shows can be watched online on streaming services. Most services have a free trial period that you can use to watch these shows for free.

Q.5: Are there any new Christmas shows?

Yes, there are many new Christmas shows released this year. Some popular options include:

The House Party (Netflix): This is a comedy show about a group of friends who come together for Christmas.
The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse (Disney+): This is an animated show that follows the Christmas adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends.
The Waltons’ Homecoming (The CW) is a sequel film based on the popular 1970s show “The Waltons.”.

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