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What is Health ? History of Health Free info (2021)

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Definitions of Health

Friends, people generally believe that a strong body is a symbol of health. People get upon seeing a fat fresh person and say that his health is very good, But the reality is not that a fat person is healthy and a thin person is unhealthy.

What is health?

What is health

Health is related to the whole life. That’s why we need to protect and take care of it. Good health also affects our age.

In English itself, the word hail was seen as a synonym and hail meant happy. It meant being healthy and happy.

On this basis, we can say that good health is a sign of our being happy and poor health is a sign of our carelessness and weakness.

Explaining the meaning of health, various educationists have said –

1. According to the Encyclopedia of Health, “It is the state in which man can move his intellectual, emotional resources for maximum daily livelihood and life.”

2. J. F . According to William, it is said that health is that quality of life that enables a person to live more happily and serve supremely.

3. W. H. O . According to him, “Health is the complete physical, the mental and social condition of man, the mere absence of diseases is not health.

4. According to Tver, “Health is that healthy state of a person in which the body and mind are normally active and do all the work.

5. According to Herbert Spencer, “Being a good creature is the first thing for the success of life, the prosperity of the nation depends on good creatures.”

6. According to Bain Johnson, “O health! You are a boon to the rich, rich to the poor, whoever can buy it for very little money and without it, no one can entertain in this world.

Based on the above definitions we can say that the meaning of good health is not limited to physical limitations only but good physical health includes the yoga of mind and body. He is a truly healthy person. Who has good physical and mental health, having the ability to adjust to the natural environment, social environment, and adverse conditions.

Importance of Positive Health

Friends, there is a famous saying, “Loss of money is not called loss, but if there is loss of health, then some loss is done.”

It is very important for a human being to have good health. Good health is important not only for one’s own life but also for the progress of society and nation.

When health is good then thoughts will also be good i.e. a person with good health will be healthy, then he can plan to do something for the society and nation and he will have the ability to do something.

The person whose health is not good remains irritable, he can neither do anything nor think, because bad health has the opposite effect on his mental health.

In this way, he remains a burden on the family, society, and nation. Since man is an important unit of society. Therefore, it is necessary to have healthy human beings for a good society.

On one hand, there is a saying that health is a thousand blessings. Whatever may be the work of man, whatever may be his lifestyle, an unhealthy body remains a hindrance in his progress in every field, cannot do anything freely, his desires are suppressed, desires remain repressed due to which a person suffers from mental illness. spoils your mental health.

Some of the main ideas regarding the importance of health are as follows –

1. According to Swami Vivekananda, a weak person cannot see the soul, whether he is physically weak or mentally unsound person cannot achieve the great purpose of life because he lacks tolerance, self-confidence, etc.

2. According to Hall, an ounce of health is worth more than a ton of knowledge because it is the oldest and most valuable kind of wealth.

3. According to the famous Arab proverb, the person who has good health. He has hope and the optimist has everything.

4. According to the famous Sanskrit proverb, “Shahar Magha Khalu Dharma Sadhanam” means body, physical health is the first and foremost part of performing the duties of life.

Health is very important for every person because man has to do a lot in life. He has to support his parents and children, he has to work to impart knowledge to his children. Many difficulties have to be faced in life.

Concept of Health

Health is a common concept in most civilizations, all the communities have the concept of health according to their civilization. Perhaps the oldest of the definitions given so far is – health is the absence of diseases, that is, where there is a disease, there is no health.

In some civilizations, health and harmony have been said to be equal. The meaning of harmony is to establish peace in self, community, God, and the universe.

Ancient Indians and Greeks also upheld this belief and described diseases as obstructions to physical equilibrium, which they called moods.

Modern medicine places more emphasis on the study of disease and does not lay much emphasis on the study of health. As a result, our ignorance about health gets worse. for example. The determinants of health are not yet clear.

Modern definitions of health are erroneous and there is no fixed scale to measure health. Therefore epidemiology is a vast field of study. Health is still a neglected existence despite its ostentatious love.

At the individual level, it cannot be said that health has an important place. It is considered less important than other needs, such as wealth, power, respect, knowledge, and security.

There was no discussion on health even at the international level, while the covenant of the ‘League of Nations’ was prepared after the First World War. The health of the world was discussed only at the last moment. The subject of health was again not given a place in the Charter of the United Nations after the Second World War.

In 1954, the issue of health was taken up temporarily at the United Nations Conference in St. Francis. Therefore, during the last few decades, a feeling has arisen that health is a fundamental right of human beings and is a universal social objective.

To satisfy the basic needs of man, it is necessary to have an advanced form of life and it has to be achieved by the people.

In 1977, at the 30th World Health Assembly, it was decided that the main social goal of the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) in the coming decades is to achieve that level of health for all citizens of the world by 2000. that they should be able to live a socially and economically advanced life.

In short, in “Health for All” 1979, the United Nations accepted health as an integral part of social and economic development. Since then, health has been recognized as the main tool for socio-economic development and new social health.

Change Concepts

The mainstay of protecting health is knowing something about health. The knowledge of health is not found the same among all the members of different occupational groups of a community such for example biomedical scientists, social science experts, health services managers, ecologists, etc. Huh.

In the ever-changing world, new concepts are being formed based on new ideas. For centuries, health has been important at the individual level as well as a worldwide social objective.

The changing concepts of health are briefly described below.

(1) The Bio-medical Concept has traditionally defined health as being healthy. If someone was healthy, he was said to be healthy. This concept was called Bio-medical Concept.

This notion was based on the Germ theory of disease, which was most recognized in the medical field at the end of the twentieth century.

Physicians believed that the human body is a machine and disease is the result of the machine shutting down and the main function of the doctor is to repair the machine so that it can work again and make the patient healthy.

Thus the main aim of medical science is to provide health. The biomedical concept has been criticized because it has denied the role of environmental, social, psychological, and cultural factors in health.

This notion has been successful in solving the main health problems of human beings such as malnutrition, chronic diseases, accidents, drug addiction, mental neuroticism, pollution in the environment, and an increase in population are some such human problems.

which cannot be solved by medical technology. Developments in social science and medicine have led to the conclusion that the biomedical concept of health is unique.

(2) Ecological Concept – Due to the shortcomings in the biomedical concept, other concepts were born.

Ecological scientists introduced the concept of attraction, according to which health is presented as a dynamic equilibrium between man and his environment and disease arises from the maladjustment between man and his environment.

Dubose has defined health as “Health is keeping away from pain and suffering in the human body and harmony with the environment to keep the processes of the body in order.

The ecological and cultural adaptations of human beings determine not only the origin of diseases but also the overpopulation and availability of food.

Two ideas arise from the ecological concept – the imperfect individual and the imperfect environment.

History is witness that increasing the adaptability of man to the natural environment can give him long life and a good life. Whether modern health services are available or not.

(3) Psychological Concept

Contemporary development of social science has proved that health is not only a biomedical process but is also influenced by social, psychological, cultural, and political factors of the people. Those factors should also be kept in mind while defining health. Thus health is both a biological and social process.

(4) Holistic Concept: The perfectionist concept is a combination of all the above-mentioned concepts.

It gives greater importance to social, economic, political, and environmental impacts on health. It describes a multidimensional and integrated method for the benefit of all living beings in the context of the environment.

Even in ancient times, importance was given to the idea that health meant having a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy family.

Perfectionism states that all sectors of society have an impact on health. Especially agriculture, animal husbandry sector, food, industry, education, housing, public works, communication, and other sectors. But special emphasis has been placed on the development and protection of health.

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