What is the full form of Noida

What is the full form of Noida?

Do you know the full form of Noida, if you do not know, then today I will tell you the full form of Noida because many people who are outside Noida or those who are from Noida, those people do not know? What is the full form of Noida, so today you will know through us what is the full form of Noida and why Noida is known as an Industrial Area?

What is Noida Full Form?

Noida’s full form is New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, many people do not know this, and even those who live in Noida do not know this, so today you came to know about Noida, which is spread over an area of ​​203 square kilometers. It falls in Uttar Pradesh, ahead of Noida is Greater Noida, which is connected to Noida, there is more industrial area in Noida, so where is it (Industrial Development)

Know what is the other name of Noida?

Many people do not know that this city, established on 17 April 1976, was included in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. After this, in 1997, NOIDA was declared a separate district under the then Mayawati government. And it was renamed Gautam Buddha Nagar of Noida.The district name is (Gautam Buddha Nagar)There are many companies in Noida and here you will get to see many villages like – Nangla Village, and Bhangel Village, you will get to see other types of villages here. In Noida, you will get to see many sectors like – Sector- 37, and Sector-18.Sector-80 Sector-81 And there are many sector areas, here you get company according to block like (B Block) (C Block) according to such block you get company here

Noida Botanical Garden?

Spread over an area of ​​160 acres in 2002, this area covered with 7500 plants adds to the greenery of NOIDA. 400 million years ago Skeletal Fork Fern, which was the first species of vascular plant on Earth, has been planted in this garden.

Iskon Temple In Noida?

ISKCON Temple which is the largest temple of Noida in Sector-33, you must know, that ISKCON is a very famous temple, it is spread all over the world.

Delhi NCR ?

National Capital Region Delhi is the area around the capital that is connected to Delhi which comes in the area of ​​NCR like – including NOIDA, Ghaziabad, Buland Shahar, Faridabad, and Gurugram.

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