Top Indian Movies of 2023 by Box Office
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Which Are the Top Indian Movies of 2023 by Box Office?

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Friends, today we welcome you to our new article. In this article, you will learn which are the top 10 best Indian films of 2023 according to box office collections and which are the highest grossing films worldwide.

Today, you are going to know. You will be given all the information in this article. So, guess what rocked Indian cinemas in 2023? Well, buckle up because here’s the lowdown on the Top 10 Highest Grossing Indian Movies of the Year—the ones that raked in the big bucks worldwide! We’ve got a mix of languages here: 6 Hindi movies, 1 Telugu flick, and 2 Tamil gems.

Top Indian Movies of 2023 by Box Office

Oh, and there’s this cool combo of Hindi and Telugu that made it big too. But hey, Kannada, where are you? It seems like they missed the box-office party this time. Imagine Kannada sitting at home, watching movies on the couch, saying, “Next time, folks, next time.”🎬💰

The Top Indian Movies of 2023 by Box Office

RankWorldwide Box Office Collection ( Gross)
1.Jawan1160 crore
2.Pathaan1,050.30 crore
3. Animal915.53 crore
4. Gadar 2691.08 crore
5. Salaar705.59 crore
6. Jailer610 crore
7. Leo623 crore
8. Dunki460.11 crore
9. Tiger 3466.63 crore
10. Adipurush390 crores

1. Jawan

The movie “Jawan” is making waves in the Bollywood ocean, with an estimated worldwide collection of a mind-blowing ₹1160 crore! That’s like swimming in a pool of cash with rupees raining down on you. Move over, big bucks; Bollywood’s got a new superstar.

Jawan (2023) Movie

Imagine this: “Jawan” is flexing its muscles as the second-highest-grossing Bollywood film ever, just bowing down to the mighty “KGF: Chapter 2.” But hey, a silver medal ain’t too shabby, right?

Breaking it down for you:

* **Domestic nett collection:** ₹638.42 crore (That’s a lot of people buying tickets in India!)
* **Overseas collection:** ₹521.58 crore (Even the rest of the world couldn’t resist the magic of “Jawan.”)

This blockbuster hit the screens on June 3, 2023, and it didn’t just break records—it shattered them! Highest opening day collection? Check. Fastest to cross the ₹1000 crore mark worldwide? Double-check. It’s like “Jawan” walked into the box office, and the cash register went, “Cha-ching!”

Why did “Jawan” conquer hearts and wallets worldwide?

* The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, brings his A-game. Bow down to Khan!
* An action-packed storyline that had everyone on the edge of their seats—action, drama, and a dash of spice!
* Top-notch production values make it a feast for the eyes. It’s like Bollywood said, “Let’s make a movie, and let’s make it epic!”
* Marketing that had people buzzing—they turned “Jawan” into a talking point faster than you can say “blockbuster.”

“Jawan” isn’t just a movie; it’s a global phenomenon, making waves not only in India but also in places like the US, UK, and Canada. Who knew Bollywood would become the cool kid on the international block?

So, if someone asks if you’ve seen “Jawan,” just nod and say, “I’ve been to the cash paradise it created!”🍿💰

2. Pathaan

So, picture this: Pathaan, the blockbuster of 2023, hit the jackpot with a whopping worldwide collection of ₹1,050.30 crore (that’s like saying “cha-ching!” but with a lot more zeros). It proudly stands as the second highest-grossing Indian film of the year, the third-highest in Hindi film history, and the sixth highest ever in all of Indian cinema. Now, that’s some serious moolah!


Breaking it down, Pathaan scored big domestically, bringing in ₹527.25 crore, making everyone’s wallets happy. But wait, there’s more! The overseas collection added another ₹523.05 crore to the party, making it rain dollars internationally. It even holds the record for the highest overseas collection in the first round of movie madness.

And get this: Pathaan made its grand entrance on January 25, 2023, with the trio of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham stealing the show. Directed by Siddharth Anand, it’s like they unleashed the money-making magic on the big screen. Move over, Hollywood; Bollywood’s got its own global cash king!💰🎥

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3. Animal

Hey there! So, the movie you’re talking about is probably that cool 2023 Indian crime thriller called “Animal.” Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, it’s got a star-studded cast featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, and Triptii Dimri. Imagine a movie with all these big names—it’s like a Bollywood Avengers!

Now, “Animal” didn’t just hit the screens; it hit them with a bang, making a whopping ₹915.53 crore (that’s like having your own money fountain). And check this out—it landed some serious titles:

* *3rd highest-grossing Indian film of 2023* (Bronze medal, but hey, not everyone can be the gold, right?)
* *5th highest-grossing Hindi film* (Smack dab in the middle, like the popular kid in class)
*8th highest-grossing Indian film of all time* (They’re basically rewriting history with this one.)
*Highest-grossing A-rated Indian film of all time* (They’ve got the adults-only crown!)

Take a peek at the cash flow:

* **India:** ₹546.44 crore (Big bucks rolling in domestically)
**Overseas: ₹369.09 crore (Making waves around the world)

And guess what? “Animal” conquered the hearts of movie buffs in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s like Bollywood went global, and “Animal” led the pack!

So, if someone asks if you’ve seen “Animal,” just smile and say, “I’ve witnessed the roar of box office success!”🎬💰

4. Gadar 2

Gadar 2 didn’t just hit the jackpot; it basically bought the entire casino. Picture this: ₹691.08 crore worldwide (which is a big chunk of zero) against a production budget of ₹60 crore. Someone is swimming in money, and it’s not Scrooge McDuck!

Gadar 2 The Katha Continues (2023) Full Movie

Why did Gadar 2 create a stir at the box office?

Popularity of the OG Gadar: The 2001 version was a massive hit, so naturally, people were clamoring for a sequel. It’s like waiting for the second season of your favorite show.
Star Power of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel: Imagine these two powerhouses in action again—it’s like a superhero reunion!
Patriotic Emotions: Gadar 2 takes us back to 1947, exploring love, loss and sacrifice during the Partition of India. It’s as if Bollywood went on time-travel, and we were all in on it.
Visually stunning, Gadar 2 was not just a movie; it was a feast for the eyes. The action sequences and special effects make you say, “Wow, did they just do that?”

In short, Gadar 2 was not just a movie; it was a money-making, record-breaking extravaganza. It’s as if Bollywood said, “Hold my tea; we’re about to break the internet!”

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5. Salaar

Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire didn’t just hit the box office; it danced on it! As of today, January 18, 2024, this flick has cash registers ringing with a jaw-dropping ₹705.59 crore (US$88 million) worldwide. It’s like they printed their own money!

Salaar Full Movie Leaked Download

Imagine this: Salaar wasn’t shy about spending some dough. They reportedly threw around ₹270 crore (US$34 million) to make this blockbuster. That’s like buying a fancy car and a mansion with some pocket change left!

Let’s talk about its grand entrance: 8On day one, Salaar flexed its muscles, raking in ₹95 crore (US$12 million) just in India. Talk about making an entrance!
Day 1 worldwide collection? Brace yourselves—a whopping ₹178.7 crore (US$22 million). It’s like the whole world couldn’t resist the Salaar charm.
Within the first 15 days, they didn’t just break records; they smashed them, hitting ₹675 crore (US$88 million). That’s some serious cha-ching!

Now, where does Salaar stand in the box office race?

It’s not just the highest-grossing Telugu film of 2023; it’s waving at Adipurush from the top spot.
Zoom out a bit, and it’s the third highest-grossing Telugu film ever and the fourth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023. Talk about climbing the charts!
Globally, it’s breaking into the elite club, sitting pretty as the 11th highest-grossing Indian film of all time. Not too shabby, Salaar!

In a nutshell, Salaar is not just a movie; it’s a money-making, record-breaking sensation. It’s like they told the box office, “Move over, we’re taking the throne!”🎬💸

6. Jailer

Hey movie buffs, get ready for some blockbuster talk! So, in 2023, there was this action-packed drama thriller called Jailer, featuring none other than the legendary Rajinikanth. It made the box office go wild with an estimated ₹610 crore worldwide—that’s like buying a ticket to space with some change left!

Jailer (2023) Full Movie

Now, Jailer started as the big boss, being the highest-grossing Tamil film of 2023, but then along came Vijay’s Leo in December, snatching the crown. Talk about a plot twist!

Let’s dive into Jailer’s money adventure: Opening Day: Picture this: ₹95 crore worldwide on day one! ₹52 crore of that was from India; it’s like the whole country lined up for a front-row seat.
[Image of Jailer movie poster]
India: A whopping ₹340.98 crore net. It’s like India said, “Here, take my money!”
Overseas: ₹166.31 crore: Jailer went global, making rupees rain in foreign lands.
Tamil Nadu: ₹194.7 crore—Tamil Nadu was basically Jailer’s treasure chest.
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: ₹75 crore Even the South couldn’t resist the jailer craze.
Karnataka: ₹60 crore—Karnataka was like, “We’re in too!”
North America: Jailer became the king, the highest-grossing Tamil film ever. It’s like they said, “Move over Hollywood; we’re taking over!”
Karnataka: Again? Yep, highest-grossing Tamil film ever. Karnataka really loved its dose of Jailer!

Now, why did Jailer hit the bullseye?

Rajinikanth’s Star Power: It’s like having a magnet for money—people just can’t resist.
Action Sequences: Explosions, fights, drama—Jailer brought it all to the table.
Music: The beats were so good; even the money danced to them.
Word-of-mouth: It’s like people whispered, “You gotta watch Jailer,” and everyone listened.

Some more tidbits: ₹50 crore on opening day—talk about a grand entrance!
Top 10 at the Indian box office for five weeks Jailer wasn’t just a one-hit wonder.
₹100 crore in overseas markets: Jailer went on a world tour, and the world loved it!

In the end, Jailer wasn’t just a movie; it was a money-making rollercoaster. Rajinikanth, take a bow—you just rocked the Tamil film universe!🎬💰

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7. Leo

Hold on to your popcorn, because Leo didn’t just rock the screen; it rocked the box office like a superstar! Imagine: The film grossed a staggering ₹623 crore (US$78 million) worldwide. It’s like finding treasure in the backyard—cha-ching!

Leo Full Movie Download

Now, Leo didn’t just break records; he broke them into millions of pieces. On its debut, it grossed ₹145 crore (US$18 million) on its first day. It’s as if the movie said, “Move over, records, we’re making history!”

Oh, and get this: Leo took the title of the second-highest grossing Tamil film of all time. Only one ahead? Rajinikanth’s 2.0. Leo, you are like the cool kid of the Tamil film industry, just one step away from legend!

Breaking down cash flow: India: ₹331 crore (US$41 million)—Leo basically showed India the money dance.
[Image of Leo movie poster]
Foreign: ₹292 crore (US$37 million) – It’s like Leo went on a world tour, and the world bought the tickets!

And guess where Leo’s magic was strongest overseas? Drumroll, please: United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s as if Leo went on an international adventure, and the world couldn’t get enough of it.

So, if someone asks if you’ve seen Leo, just say, “Yes, I have seen the cash storm it brings!”

8. Dunki

Hold your laughter, folks, because Dunki, the comedy-drama with Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, didn’t just tickle funny bones; it made the cash registers go wild! As of today, January 18, 2024, it’s laughing all the way to the bank with a whopping ₹460.11 crore (US$58 million) worldwide. That’s like turning chuckles into cha-chings!

Dunki Full Movie Leaked Download

Let’s break down the comedy-drama’s financial comedy: Global gross: ₹460.11 crore—Dunki basically turned the world into its comedy club.
Budget: ₹120 crore (US$15 million) Spending money to make people laugh—that’s a win-win!

Now, how did Dunki perform on the laughter scale?

It grabbed the title of the sixth highest-grossing Hindi film of 2023 and the ninth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023. Not bad, Dunki, not bad!
But hold your giggles—it had a strong start and hit some milestones, but lately, it’s been like the tortoise in the race compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s other 2023 blockbusters, Pathaan and Jawan. Talk about a comedy slowdown!

Some behind-the-scenes giggles: Some gossip says Dunki’s collection might be a bit higher, around ₹460.7 crore by January 25, 2024. It’s like Dunki’s money keeps sneaking up!
Critics were a bit like Simon Cowell, giving mixed reviews. Maybe they didn’t get the joke?
Watch out, Dunki, because big films like Merry Christmas and Fighter in January 2024 might steal your comedy spotlight. It’s like trying to tell a joke at a noisy party!

In the grand comedy of Bollywood, Dunki has had its share of laughs and applause. It might not have stolen the show, but it’s definitely leaving people with smiles.🤣💰

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9. Tiger 3

Hold your popcorn, because as of today, October 26, 2023, Tiger 3 is on a wild ride, raking in a massive ₹466.63 crore (US$58 million) worldwide. It’s like the tiger roared, and the cash just started pouring in!

Tiger 3 (2023) Full Movie

Breaking it down for you:

India: The tiger conquered the home turf, making a roaring ₹345.78 crore (US$43 million). India, you’ve got a tiger in your wallet!

Overseas markets: Tiger 3 didn’t stop at the border; it roamed around, collecting ₹120.85 crore (US$15 million). It’s like the tiger went on a global safari!

Now, picture this: Tiger 3 burst onto the scene on November 12, 2023, right on Diwali. It’s like they said, “Let’s light up the box office!”🎇

But, hold on, not everyone was cheering. Critics were a bit like those grumpy cats; some loved the action, music, and performances, but others growled about the plot and pace. It’s like trying to please everyone at a family dinner—impossible!

Despite the mixed reviews, Tiger 3 flexed its muscles at the box office. It kicked off strong, but then came the plot twist: competition from other big films and even the FIFA World Cup. Talk about a cinematic showdown!

Tiger 3 is now the third installment in the Tiger franchise. The first two were like box office kings, but Tiger 3 had some big shoes to fill. However, it seems like it wore kitten-sized slippers.

Why might Tiger 3 not have purred as loudly?

Mixed reviews: Some liked it, some didn’t. It’s like trying to decide on pizza toppings—everyone has an opinion!
Competition: Tiger 3 faced off against other big-budget films. It’s like being at a buffet with too many options—hard to choose!
FIFA World Cup: While Tiger 3 was on the screen, the World Cup was kicking off too. It’s like trying to watch two games at once—heads spinning!

Even though Tiger 3 didn’t break all the records it aimed for, it’s still a box office beast, roaring its way to being the fifth highest-grossing Hindi film of 2023. Not bad, Tiger—not bad at all!🐅💰

10. Adipurush

Hey movie buffs, let’s talk about Adipurush and its worldwide money dance! So, the box office numbers are like a mystery—some say it’s between ₹353.50 crores and ₹390 crores (that’s around $43–48 million USD). It’s like trying to count jellybeans in a jar—everyone has a different guess.


Now, breaking it down:  India: It’s ruling the home turf with ₹305 crores gross and ₹167.50 crores share. India, you’ve got some serious love for Adipurush!
Overseas: It’s like Adipurush took a little trip, bringing in $5.90 million gross, ₹48.50 crores share, and ₹21 crores share. It’s like the movie went on an international shopping spree!

But hold your popcorn, because even though Adipurush had a strong start—₹80 crore gross in the opening weekend in India—it hit a speed bump. The collections took a nosedive; blame it on mixed reviews, movie competition, and some drama around visual effects and character portrayals. It’s like the movie had a rollercoaster ride—sensational at first, then a bit shaky!

Some extra tidbits: Highest single-day collection: ₹37 crore gross in India—that’s like the movie having a super fancy date night!
Lifetime gross: ₹353.50 crores worldwide, ₹305 crores in India, and $5.90 million overseas. It’s like Adipurush went, “I came, I conquered, and I made some money!”
Share: ₹167.50 crores in India and ₹21 crores overseas—Adipurush is sharing the love, literally.

Now, here’s the twist: Adipurush didn’t exactly become the box office king some thought it would be. It didn’t break all the records and fell short of expectations, and some call it a bit of a commercial oopsie. But hey, it managed to cover its budget (around ₹600 crores) with pre-release deals, TV and online rights, and theater cash. Not everyone gets an A+, but a passing grade is still good, right?

So, Adipurush, you might not be the prom king, but you sure had everyone talking!🎥💸

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So friends, today I have given you all the information about the top Indian movies of 2023 by box office, which includes Jawan, Pathan, Animal, Gadar 2, Salaar, Jailer, Leo, Donkey, Tiger 3 and Adipurush. Such films are included. I have given you good information about all these movies. Friends, if you have seen all these movies, then you can tell us by commenting. Join our Telegram and WhatsApp groups for the best information. Thank you, and good day.


Q1. Which was the highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023?

The highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023 was Jawan, a Tamil-language action thriller film directed by Atlee and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi. The film grossed ₹1,152 crore (US$150 million) worldwide.

Q2. Which was the second-highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023?

The second-highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023 was Pathaan, a Hindi-language action spy film directed by Siddharth Anand and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham. The film grossed ₹1,050.8 crores (US$135 million) worldwide.

Q3. Which were the other top 10 Indian movies of 2023 by box office?

The other top 10 Indian movies of 2023 by box office were:

1.Jawan1160 crore
2.Pathaan1,050.30 crore
3. Animal915.53 crore
4. Gadar 2691.08 crore
5. Salaar705.59 crore
6. Jailer610 crore
7. Leo623 crore
8. Dunki460.11 crore
9. Tiger 3466.63 crore
10. Adipurush390 crores

Q4. Which were the most trending Indian movies of 2023?

The most trending Indian movies of 2023 were those that generated the most social media buzz and discussion. These included:
Gadar 2
Tiger 3
These films were all highly anticipated and had strong marketing campaigns. They also featured popular stars and directors, which helped to generate interest.

Q5. What were the factors that contributed to the success of these films?

The success of these films can be attributed to a number of factors, including:
Strong marketing campaigns
Popular stars and directors
Highly anticipated sequels
Innovative storytelling

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